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Making online safety convenient is a next generation password manager that gives you full control over your data and security settings. Password Manager

Most popular Cloud Support

Use your own trusted cloud storage account to store your secrets securely.

Google Drive Support Cloud Storage Support
Coming SoonDropbox Support
Coming SoonOneDrive Support

Unique Features

Best in class Encryption

Your data is encrypted using industry standard AES-256 encryption.

Unlimited Backups

Restore data to any point in time thanks to automatic backups.

Password Security Audit

Verify password quality and lookup against leaked passwords databases.

Questions and Answers

Is it safe to use
How does password security audit work?
Can my Google drive files be accessed if my account gets compromised?
I have forgotten my Storage Password, how do I reset it?
Where are the backups stored?

Security is a Standard Feature

Standard plan includes all the best security features of
Upgrade to Premium for extra features.




Free plan that fits regular internet users

  • Store up to 10 passwords
  • Use with Google Drive
  • Unlimited amount of connected devices
  • Advanced Password Security Audit
Use For Free Forever


Most popular


If Standard isn't enough, for a price of a coffee you can get

  • Everything included in Standard plan
  • Store unlimited amount passwords
  • Use with any supported cloud platform
  • Unlimited Automatic Backups
Try 30-days for Free
“I've been using for just a week and I absolutely love it. App is so easy to use and finally I don't have to worry about remembering or resetting lost passwords.“
Linda Crawford
Self-employed Photographer